About Us

Our Mission: We want to transform the way you drink whiskey. Whiskey is a piece of art and everyone deserves to experience it in its perfection.

We founded Final Pour Company with a simple concept in mind - to heighten your senses and give you the best whiskey experience.

Final Pour Company is a collaboration of whiskey enthusiasts. The journey started with a group of friends that met routinely to taste new whiskeys and their perfect food pairings. In no time, it became clear that every whiskey tastes better with a great tasting glass.

The idea is simple. We want to source and deliver the finest drinkware to you. Our team personally curates a collection of high-quality glasses suitable for every spirit, every flavor. 

From modern chic glasses like The Bulb to elegant pieces like The Royale, we want to bring you a collection you can't wait to get your hands on.

If you had one final pour, how would you make it count? Create the moment and drink with style!

Founder and CEO
One Final Pour company