The Art Of The Glass: How To Choose The Best Whiskey Drinking Vessel

How To Choose The Perfect Whiskey Glass

Are you looking for the perfect whiskey glass to enjoy your scotch, bourbon or other types of whiskey?  The current market is filled with options.  Choosing the perfect glass can be as difficult as picking a favorite whiskey.  In this article, we will explore some of the best whisky glasses available on the internet today.

Whiskey glasses come in a variety of shapes and sizes.  From old fashioned tumblers to etched sherry glasses and everything in between, there is no shortage of choices when it comes to choosing the best glass for your drink. 

Whether you prefer an old fashioned drinking glass or an old-style snifter from which you sip your favorite spirit, we're going to cover the basics so that you can find just the right one for yourself!


What is a whiskey glass, and what does it do for the drinker?

A whiskey glass is a vessel that holds or contains the drinker's spirit of choice.  The shape of the glass can make for different drinking experiences as some drinks will produce more aromas while others might release more flavors.


Why should you care about what kind of drinking glass you use?


Imagine drinking iced tea out of a wine glass.  On first thought, it seems silly.  While wine glasses focus on bringing out the flavors of various wines, an iced tea glass might be taller with a wider opening, in order to allow for larger gulps.

Whiskey glasses come in all shapes and sizes for the same reason - to encourage the drinker to get the most out of their beverage.  


The Types of Whiskey Drinking Glasses

  1. Old fashioned whiskey glasses are short, non-stemmed glasses that are typically decorated in the cut glass style.  Plain versions of this are lowball glasses.

  2. Neat Whiskey Glasses are short and squat with straight sides designed for only one type of drink: neat spirits.

  3. Whiskey Decanters are a decorative and functional vessel for serving whiskey with ice. 

  4. Rocks whiskey glasses can be used for many different types of mixed drinks, including vodka tonics, iced tea cocktails and margaritas.

  5. Riedel whiskey glasses have been around for decades and are known worldwide for their top notch quality. The stem allows you to hold it in your hand without warming up or heating any alcohol on its way to your mouth - which is essential when tasting newly bought whiskeys.

  6. Thistle Whiskey Glasses have a high bowl and short stem, perfect for those who enjoy drinking neat whiskey or spirits on ice. The tall bowls are great to prevent spilling from an unstable table.

  7. Blade Runner Whiskey Glasses are beautifully designed glasses that make it easy to enjoy a drink. This glassware has an elegant design for the perfect whiskey on ice. They taper slightly so you can sip your favorite liquor neat or use them when drinking Scotch and Bourbons straight up.

  8. Mountain Whiskey Glasses are made of heavy and sturdy glassware perfect for sipping on your favorite drink neat or mixed spirit, making them ideal for any occasion where you want something refined rather than ordinary.

  9. The Glecairn.  Most recognize the whiskey glass instantly.  It is the most popular whiskey glass in the world and often considered the industry standard for nosing and sampling high grade spirits.